University Courses

Ideas of Informatics, Saarland University
Virtual, 5 ECTS, 60–90 Students from Various Bachelor, Master, and State Exam Programs, 4 Iterations, Taught with Kurt Mehlhorn
Programming for Lawyers, Heidelberg University and Bucerius Law School
Physical or Hybrid, 2 ECTS, 5–30 Law Students, 4 and 3 Iterations, Taught Alone or with Janis Beckedorf and Philipp Sahrmann
Introduction to Informatics, Bucerius Law School
Physical or Virtual, 2 CP, 20–40 Law Students, 2 Iterations, Taught Alone or with Dirk Hartung
Data Networks and Theory of Distributed Systems, Saarland University
Physical or Virtual, 5–30 M. Sc. Computer-Science Students, 1 and 2 Iterations, Tutorials
Legal Network Analysis, Université Paris-Est Créteil: Droit du Numérique
Physical, ~30 Master Students, Guest Professorship
Legal Network Analysis: A Whirlwind Tour, TU Munich: Legal Data Science and Informatics
Virtual, ~20 Master Students, Guest Lecture
Quantitative Legal Studies: Technological Foundations, Free University Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin
Virtual, ~20 Law Students, Guest Lecture
Legal Technology, University of Kaiserslautern: Lecture Series Socioinformatics in Practice
Physical, 20–30 Socioinformatics Students, 5 Iterations, Guest Lecture
Introduction to Informatics, LMU Munich
Physical, ~30 Students from Non-Computer-Science Degree Programs, Tutorial

Executive Education and Life-Long Learning

Legal Network Analysis, Bucerius Law School: Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations
Physical, ~20–50 Lawyers, 4 Iterations, Lecture
Legal Network Science, Bucerius Law School: Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials
Virtual, ~12,500 Participants Globally, 2 Iterations, MOOC Lecture
Coding for Lawyers, Bucerius Education GmbH and Linklaters LLP
Physical, 5–15 Law-Firm Employees, 7 Iterations, Taught with Philipp Sahrmann
Hands-On Network Analysis in Law, Bucerius Law School: Bucerius Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations
Physical, ~35 Lawyers, Mini Course